Grounding and Protection Workshop in Antibes

Do you ever feel… spaced out, distracted, anxious, confused & not thinking clearly? Are you running from pillar to post and have lots going on in your head? Then this workshop is for you as it will give you tools that you can use to help you anchor and ground yourself, to become calm, centred and able to focus more clearly.

This is for you if you are sensitive to external vibrations, people or places; can’t cope with too many people around you, feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

The protection part of the workshop will have you practicing the various different ways that you can protect yourself energetically speaking so that you can feel secure and able to cope; have stable energy levels.

Date:  Sunday 22nd November 2015

Time: 15.00-17.30

Place: Antibes

Cost: 25€ per person

Book early to avoid disappointment