Excerpt from January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Fluidity, going with the flow and coming into balance are the words that I feel suit this year of 2016. It feels as if it’ll be a softer year than last year – hooray I hear some of you say! So you’ll need a certain suppleness of mind and body for this year along with readiness to go along with whatever comes up. The picture I get for this year is that of a winding river so flowing, turning, wide bends, some rapids, shallows and deep areas along with changes in direction too, always moving onwards into new pastures so to speak. There’s a feeling of gentleness that goes with the changes ahead especially when you go with the flow rather than resisting it. With that in mind then it’s time to think about what you can do to that helps you to keep open-minded and flexible!

My experience shows me that flexibility of mind and flexibility of body go together, so finding a good balance for the two are essential. Here are some suggestions of the different categories and practices that can be helpful:

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