Excerpt from April 2016 newsletter

Definitions taken from The Chambers Dictionary

Whole adjective – not broken; undamaged, not broken up, or ground or deprived in an part ; containing the total amount number, etc. ; complete… Noun – the entire thing; not less than, all (with of); something complete in itself, especially if an integrated system or combination of parts. Adverb  -completely, altogether; in one unbroken piece,


Holism noun the theory that the fundamental principle of the universe is the creation of wholes, i.e. complete and self-contained systems from the atom and the cell by evolution to the most complex forms of life and mind; the theory that a complex entity, system, etc., is more than merely the sum of its parts. Adjective holisticadverb holisticallyholistic medicine a form of medicine which considers the whole person, physically and psychologically, rather than treating merely the diseased part.


I’m taking part in the (free) Oprah & Deepak 21 day meditation challenge at the moment – it really is a challenge to take the 20 minutes each day to participate! Luckily you have 5 days to catch up on each day!! Day 12 really struck a chord with me as it’s to do with you being ‘the healer and the healed’. It’s all about the mind and body being in balance. Getting the different facets, pieces of ‘self’ in to harmony. Most of us have the habit of separating the different facets of self.

The ‘positive’ or golden aspects of self include being good, kind, generous, encouraging, getting things done, joy, being receptive, curiosity, be reflective, asking for help, courage etc.

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