If your answer to any of the following is ‘yes’ then reflexology may be the thing for you:

  • tired?
  • stressed?
  • low energy?
  • disgestive issues?
  • out of balance?

R relax

  • Reflexology reduces stress and tension
  • Reflexology helps relaxation
  • Reflexology aids sleep
  • Reflexology revitalizes energy
  • Reflexology helps the body to maintain its natural balance


An holistic therapy, treating the body, mind and spirit (not just the symptoms) Reflexology has been practiced for over 4000 years. It was further developed and refined in the 1930’s by Eunice Ingham.

Reflexology is the application of pressure (using fingers and thumbs) to the feet based on the principle that there are points on the feet, which correspond to all parts of the body including the glands and organs. There is some suggestion that Reflexology may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including: stress-related conditions, migraine, back pain, hormonal imbalances and fertility.

Click on the image to explore the Reflexology foot map:


Or click here for the Reflexology hand chart:


For further information, watch this short video clip – Introduction to Reflexology

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  • Louise’s reflexology is a wonderful experience

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    Louise’s reflexology is a wonderful experience which taught me a lot about parts of my body that I used to ignore. It has cured me from chronic headaches, nervous bowl syndrome and hyper tension. :

    – E. B.

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