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Skype consultations now available

For those of you looking for support via Skype, please text me or use the contact form to email me to make an appointment.  Cost is 60€ per hour payable via cash, cheque or Paypal (supplement of 5€ to cover their charges).

  • Excerpt from July 2016 newsletter

    With the summer upon us that means for many people going away on holiday! Being on holiday is ideally the time to destress, relax, get away from the stressors of day to day life and take time for you. The reality is unfortunately often the opposite as sometimes in our quest of organising the perfect break we spend our time away always in ‘what next’ mode.  Forward thinking, keeping everyone busy and no time to sit back, breath and enjoy the ‘now’ moment can lead to an increase in stress levels!

    I hope that the information below on stress will clearly ... Continue Reading→

  • Excerpt from April 2016 newsletter

    Definitions taken from The Chambers Dictionary

    Whole adjective – not broken; undamaged, not broken up, or ground or deprived in an part ; containing the total amount number, etc. ; complete… Noun – the entire thing; not less than, all (with of); something complete in itself, especially if an integrated system or combination of parts. Adverb  -completely, altogether; in one unbroken piece,


    Holism noun the theory that the fundamental principle of the universe is the creation of wholes, i.e. complete and self-contained systems from the atom and the cell by evolution to the most complex forms of life and mind; the theory that a ... Continue Reading→

  • Meditation workshop date to be advised

    Are you struggling to meditate but feel that you should be?

    Perhaps it’s simply because you’ve not found the right one for you!

    Today’s workshop will give you an introduction to different forms of meditation and the opportunity to try out some of the many different types of meditation and so help you to find the method that you feel comfortable with.

    Why meditate?


    Meditation has been scientifically proven to help the body and mind in many different ways, here are just a few of them:

    • Anxiety, stress
    • Helps self-esteem
    • Depression
    • Chronic health conditions
    • Seasonal Affected Disorder
    • Negative mood

    Venue: Antibes – to be advised

    Date TBA

    Time: 3-6pm

    Cost: 30€ ... Continue Reading→

  • Anchoring, grounding and clearing blocked energy workshop – date to be advised


     Do you ever feel… spaced out, distracted, anxious, confused & not thinking clearly? Are you running rom pillar to post and have lots going on in your head?

    • This workshop will give you tools that you can use to help you anchor and ground yourself, to become calm, centred and able to focus more clearly.


    • Do you ever feel oversensitive to external vibrations, people or places; can’t cope with too many people around you, feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed?
    • During this workshop you’ll be practicing various different ways that you can protect yourself energetically speaking so that you can feel secure and able to ... Continue Reading→
    • Workshop bilingue – Reflexology self-help techniques for all the family in Antibes – provisional date Saturday 24th September 2016

      Provisional date Saturday 24th September 2016 15h – 18h

      Time to take off your shoes and socks and discover your body on your feet and hands! You’ll learn how you can help yourself via your feet and hands for conditions such as stuffy sinuses, relief pain, sore necks, stress and relaxation plus lots more. Question and answer session and handouts.

      Cost 30€

      Venue: Antibes

      As space is limited it’s best to book your place, best done by email

      Samedi 24 Septembre 2016 – 15h -18h

      Pret a enlever vos chaussettes et chaussures pour cet atelier d’auto-reflexologie pour toute la famille? Vous allez découvrir des ... Continue Reading→


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