I’m really excited to announce that I’ve completed my training to become a tutor/teacher for The Healing Trust. This means that I’ll be teaching their course in English and once I’ve translated it, in French too.  I trained with The Healing Trust back in 2004 and found their course to be very comprehensive and interesting.  It includes obvious modules such as

  • the history of healing
  • chakras
  • the aura
  • how to channel energy
  • grounding
  • breathwork
  • distant healing

along with less obvious but equally interesting modules such as

  • sound
  • colour
  • listening
  • stress
  • basic anatomy and physiology
  • karma
  • guided meditation

The training is in 4 parts (29 modules/subjects) and currently stands at 60 hours of in person teaching along with working with a mentor and case histories.

Parts 1 and 2 are each 2 days long, by the end of these 4 days you’ll be able to channel healing energy….