Introduction to Healing Energy Workshop – 3 hours

The Healing Trust

 Foundation Healing Energy Course –

with Personal & Spiritual Development

Parts 1 & 2 – ideal for family and friends

Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Professional Healer  


If you’ve landed on this page, then I suspect that you’re interested in learning more about energy healing.

Ready to learn more about the world of energy and healing?

Are you looking to widen your horizons?

Feeling ready to being your journey of self-discovery along with personal and spiritual development?

Are you open minded and ready to have your senses opened?

Then this course is perhaps what you’ve been searching and waiting for!

There are 4 parts for this training.

Parts 1 and 2 – ideal if you’re looking to help family & friends

Parts 1-4  – for those wishing to use it professionally


What I love about this Healing Energy Training course created by The Healing Trust is that it includes skills that can be used in our daily lives such as meditation, stress reducing techniques and listening.   I feel that all of the subjects covered go to making one a more rounded healer.  From having looked at other training programmes some of the subjects are not touched upon at all even though they are, I believe, fundamental to a healer working with the public. 

There are modules that may whet your appetite to go off and learn more about that subject.  That’s what happened to me after learning about sound and vibration! I ended up training in Vibrational Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks.  Since completing the module on ‘colour’, I’m now much more aware of not only the colours that I wear and how I feel wearing them, but also of the colours around me.

Wherever possible this is an experiential hands on training course with a mixture of practical exercises, discussion along with the sharing experiences and knowledge as this is all part of the learning process. We all have much to share and learn from each other, so let’s make the most of our time together.

There will be some modules such as ‘basic anatomy and physiology’ that will be more of the book learning sort of lesson, though made more interesting by looking at the psyco-spiritual aspects too.  You may find your views being challenged or not, with the module on ‘karma and reincarnation’ or other subjects.

Allow me to introduce you to healing and the Healing energy Foundation Course that I run as a licensed tutor of The Healing Trust.

Healing Energy

Foundation Course

With personal and

spiritual development

in Four parts

Introduction to Healing

2 hour workshop

The aim of this workshop is to give you a taster of the four part Healing Training course.

During this experiential workshop you’ll practice grounding and sensing energy and participate in a meditation as well as learn more about working with energy healing.

On top of that you’ll get a feel for the course and for your tutor. 

There’s no point following a course if you don’t gel with the tutor, I won’t be offended if that’s the case!   Please know that there are other tutors teaching this course.

The cost of this 2 hour workshop is 20€.

Intro to healing


Dates: please contact me


Course topics

What is Healing?

The History of Healing

The Chakras

The Human Energy Field

Grounding & Attunement

Sensing Energy

Distant Healing

Chair Healing

Learning outcomes

Recognising that everyone has the potential to give healing

Understanding the Healer’s role

Developing awareness and sensitivity to healing energies

Practising techniques of grounding & protection

Implementing the Healing Trust chair healing method in a professional manner

Personal and spiritual development assignments

Supervised healing sessions


Course topics

Breath Work


Chair Healing

The Healing Environment

The Code of Conduct

Risk Assessment and Health and safety

Demonstration of Couch Healing

Learning outcomes

Benefits of the breath for physical mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Practise relaxation methods

Understanding the importance of the Healing environment

Maintaining a state of conscious physical awareness during Healing

Implementing the Healing Trust chair healing method in a professional manner

Personal and spiritual development assignment

Supervised healing sessions


Course topics

Anatomy & physiology

Stress Management

The Creative Mind

Imagery in Healing

The Healer’s Role in the Universal scheme

Childhood Influences

Attunement with Words


Couch Healing

Learning outcomes

Basic knowledge of how major organs & systems of the body function

Recognising the causes & symptoms of stress

Learn stress release techniques

Understanding the effects of the creative mind on the body

Write a guided meditation

Recognise how childhood influences affect personal development

Identify the challenges of forgiveness

Practise couch healing technique

Personal and spiritual development assignments

Supervised healing sessions


Course topics

Listening Skills

Healing into Death and Dying

The Higher Self

Karma and Reincarnation

Sound and Vibration

Colour Awareness

Holistic Health

Learning outcome

Importance of basic listening skills

Recognising the energetic significance of the dying process

Awareness of evidence for reincarnation

Concept of karma

Understanding the effects of sound and vibration in Healing

The significance of colour and its therapeutic use

Personal and spiritual development assignments

Supervised healing sessions

Panel before becoming a Full Healer member

The training is over a 2 year period.  You’ll be accompanied by your Healing Trust Licensed Tutor throughout your journey.  

The  Healing Trust Training Course is made up of:

100 supervised hours:

  • 60 hours minimum of in person teaching – taught in parts  Parts 1 and 2 are each  over 2 days  and Parts 3 and 4 – 3 days each
  • 40 hours observed healing practise

100 unsupervised, logged hours

  • assignments may well include meditation, journaling, self reflection, reading, research for a short presentation, writing a guided meditation along with other personal and spiritual self-development exercises
Having completed all the above,  you’ll then be able to take the final step to becoming a Healer with The Healing Trust by going to Panel.


The cost of each training day is £100 per day, approximately 115€

A deposit of 100€ is required to confirm your place on each part. With the balance becoming due 14 days prior to the course date.

Breakdown of teaching costs

Part One  =  £200 – training over 2 days

Part Two = £200 – training over 2 days

Part Three = £400 – training over 4 days

Part Four = £400 – training over 4 days

Extra costs

Student notes:

Paper version £30 per part + postage and packing

Digital version £22.50 per part

Course certificate (digital) £7.50 per part
Supervised/observed healing sessions – £10 per hour

Student membership of The Healing Trust – £33 for the first year

All prices correct for 20/04/2023. Prices subject to change.


  • 60 hours of in person teaching
  • Light refreshments

Not included:

  • Student membership of the Healing Trust
  • Cost of transport
  • Lunch
  • Student notes
  • Attendance certificates
  • Student insurance

Possible additional costs:

  • Workshops outside of Parts 1 – 4

Maximum group size for all classes is 8 people

Minimum group size for all classes is 3 people