• Are your back and shoulders feeling stiff?
  • Been standing lots and your legs are feeling tired and/or heavy?
  • Do you get tension headaches due to tight neck and shoulders?
  • Feeling tired and can’t remember when your last massage was?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then massage may well be the answer

  • Massage improves the circulation
  • Massage stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Massage combats stress and aids relaxation
  • Massage helps the body maintain its natural balance – homeostasis
  • Massage has a soothing effect, calming nerves and enabling complete relaxation

The Swedish method of body massage was developed by Henreich Ling in the 19th century to treat both physical and mental “dis-ease”. Derived from Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman techniques, it involves several different strokes that work the skin, muscle, circulation, lymphatic and nervous systems.

Deep tissue massage, uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, and is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. It is used to release chronic muscle tension or knots (adhesions).

Energetic, intuitive massage is used to release blocked energy from the body, so allowing the muscles to relax and energy to flow once again with ease.

Pregnancy massage is helpful for relaxing and releasing tension along with encouraging fluid retention to reduce.

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Releasing tension after too much screen time

Neck massage

Releasing tension after too much screen time
Releasing tension around the shoulder blade

Back Massage

Releasing tension around the shoulder blade