Vibrational sound healing using Tuning Forks

With the advent quantum science it is now known that everything including human beings are made up of vibration in other words energy. The velocity (frequency) of the movement of the vibration generates a specific sound. The different stages of vibration are: inaudible, invisible, becoming audible and then visible. We are all affected by vibration. You’re already aware of certain sounds or music that make you feel happy (high vibration) or sad (low vibration). As early as 4,000 BC there have been sacred instruments and sound has been used in ceremonies and ritual as well as for healing.

The forks, I have 22 of them, are each tuned to a specific frequency. The following work on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Karmic levels: 174 Hz – Pain, 285Hz – Wounding, 396 – liberating guilt and fear, 528 – transformation and miracles.

Here’s what some of my clients have said after their sound healing experience:

HF: “Pain free. Two days later am a powerhouse. I feel energised and capable of achieving great things.”

HJ: “During: amazing, like floating, could feel the energy moving up through each point, with the impression that my body was floating! Will do it again!”

CM: “After the second session I ran down stairs, felt best I have felt in a long time. More important felt better mentally.”