It’s the ideal time to listen to your mind and body…

Step off the treadmill and take the opportunity to relax,

nurture, de-stress and re-energise yourself!


Body massage

Relaxation, deep tissue, energetic and swedish massage techniques

Foot reflexology

Fantastic for reducing stress and helping the body to re-balance and recharge

Maternity reflexology

Fertility, pregnancy, post partum and baby reflexology

Vibrational Healing

Tuning fork therapy for clearing and balancing the chakras

Energy Healing

Hands on, hands off healing channelling universal energy for wellbeing

Louise  Vaughan-Arbuckle, is an experienced holistic therapist using the tools of massage, reflexology, vibrational sound healing (tuning forks) and hands on/off healing, based in Antibes and Beausoleil, Monaco.  With a specialisation in Maternity Reflexology she also offers support with fertility, pregnancy, postnatal and new baby.

Stress is probably the least recognised, though most common cause of illness today. Sound healing, reflexology and massage allow the mind and body to unwind and to rebalance.

As peace and harmony is achieved, unity returns giving the body a chance to naturally heal itself.

Tips and up to date information

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Confidence workshop

Confidence workshop for Reflexologists

Build your confidence to enhance your reflexology and your life

La réflexologie connectée

La réflexologie connectée – atelier pour réflexologues pro

Réflexologue confirmé

Atelier Direction Conception, la Fertilité et la Grossesse pour réflexologues pro

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