Anchoring, protection and clearing blocked energy workshop

Grounding & protection workshop – Saturday 29 June 2024 at 3pm


This fun and informative interactive workshop is filled with practical exercises, giving you the opportunity to find which exercise is the most appropriate for you for anchoring, protection,  with a quick look at clearing stuck energy at the end.

By the end of today you’ll have a number of tools that with regular, though ideally, daily practice will help you to keep yourself and your surroundings energetically clean and healthy. This will enable you to move forward with your work and life and keep your feet on the ground.


  • Do you ever feel… spaced out, distracted, anxious, confused & not thinking clearly? Are you running rom pillar to post and have lots going on in your head?
  • This workshop will give you tools that you can use to help you anchor and ground yourself, to become calm, centred and able to focus more clearly.


  • Do you ever feel oversensitive to external vibrations, people or places; can’t cope with too many people around you, feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed?
  • During this workshop you’ll be practicing various different ways that you can protect yourself energetically speaking so that you can feel secure and able to cope; have stable energy levels.

Clearing stuck/blocked energy

  • Can’t get on with anything, no motivation, stuck in a rut, your room feels ‘dirty’?
  • Here you get to learn about different ways to ‘cleanse’ yourself and your room to get the energy moving again


Cost: 30€ per person for this 2 hour workshop


Venue: Antibes

Reservations essential