Part two- 2 days

We’ll kick of part 2 with a review of how you’ve got on with using the techniques in part 1 as part of your reflexology routine. We’ll also discuss queries, experiences that came up since we saw each other last time.

Over the course of the 2 days we’ll be looking at:

How to clear blocked energy – great for your workspace and at home

The chakras – initially working on the body, then on the feet so that you get a good feel for where they are, how they feeln what they do and what they connect with,

Body scan – working on the body as well as the feet to have a greater understanding of what you are sensing

Connected reflexology – connecting the chakras with the organs, glands and 5 elements

Body talk – signs from the body that we choose to ignore or hear

Included in the cost of your workshop is a workbook.