How are you coping with this period confinement?

Are you still able to work be it from home or in the office? Do you have a profession where you’ve had to stop work? Whatever your situation is there is a high chance that you’ve been affected. This is an emotional time for everyone. Fear, anxiety, cabin fever, not able to sleep, lack of control, feeling lost, no structure to your day – these seem to be some of the common things people are feeling at the moment. What can be done to help cope with the situation? I can recommend is bringing yourself back to centre, finding your inner calm, grounding, anchoring yourself. It doesn’t have to take long, just the time waiting for your kettle to boil or longer if you wish. To do this…

  1. Place both feet on the floor (ideally without shoes)
  2. Close your eyes and scan your body to see where you’re holding your emotions, where are the areas of tension are in your body
  3. Move your attention, focus to your feet and imagine roots going from the soles of your feet deep down into the ground
  4. Breathing out and breathing down. Moving those areas of tension down to your roots and out into the centre of the earth.
  5. Breathing in and breathing up. Breathing in the nourishing, calming earth energy all the way up your body from the soles of your feet to the top of your head.

How do you feel now having taken a few minutes to do this breathing exercise? Can be repeated throughout the day and on a daily basis.

Who knows when and what the next post will be about!