Autumn sun

As the autumn sun gets lower and more subdued it is important to know what it might mean to your body.

Those golden sun rays a natural source of Vitamin D and have several related benefits. It boosts your general immune system, aides calcium absorption for stronger bones and teeth, lowers blood pressure, aides with weight loss, eye health and even reduces risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and breast and bowel cancer… to mention a few.

So when the sun sets earlier we need to find ways to fill the gap. Make a point of spending some time outside in the sunshine and get those vitamins if not by the sun, by diet or supplements. Vitamin D is found in dairy products like milk and cheese (often fortified) and fatty fish like mackerel.

Your mental health is also effected so to counteract the lack of those warm and peaceful moments in the sun pamper yourself with relaxing massages for an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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