Bearing a grudge?

Do you bear a grudge towards someone?

All of us at some time during our life have held a grudge against someone or been on the receiving end!

Do you think that just because you’ve not thought about it for ages or even forgotten all about it, that it’s no longer stocked somewhere in your body?

Now is the perfect time to reflect and release those grudges. Hand them up into the light.

There is no one way to release your grudges just the best way for you.

This is not an excercise in judgement and telling yourself that you’re bad for holding grudges. If you start to do that, STOP immediatel. Step away and begin again leaving self-judgement and self-flagalation outside the door.

How do you feel now that you’ve released those grudges? Let me know

If you need help, tools with this, you’re most welcome to book an appointment with me. Appointments can be in person or via skype etc.