The Healing Trust Healing Energy Course

with Personal & Spiritual Development

Parts 1 & 2

ideal for use with for friends & family


I invite you to make an appointment (free) to  talk to me before signing up in order to make sure if this is the right training for you and that I am the right tutor for you too.

After our chat, I’ll then send you the application forms that need to be completed and processed prior to the begining of the training.

You need to have completed Part One before attending Part Two, along with the assignments.

As I work on behalf of The Healing Trust charity you’ll need to complete a membership form and pay for your membership.  The first year student rate is offered at a discounted rate. 

It’s best to allow a couple of weeks to process the paperwork prior to the course.  This way everything will be in place for you to begin your training.


Course topics

What is Healing?

The History of Healing

The Chakras

The Human Energy Field

Grounding & Attunement

Sensing Energy

Distant Healing

Chair Healing

Learning outcomes

Recognising that everyone has the potential to give healing

Understanding the Healer’s role

Developing awareness and sensitivity to healing energies

Practising techniques of grounding & protection

Implementing the Healing Trust chair healing method in a professional manner

Personal and spiritual development assignments

totalling approximately 15 logged hours


Course topics

Breath Work


Chair Healing

The Healing Environment

The Code of Conduct

Risk Assessment and Health and safety

Demonstration of Couch Healing

Learning outcomes

Benefits of the breath for physical mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Practise relaxation methods

Understanding the importance of the Healing environment

Maintaining a state of conscious physical awareness during Healing

Implementing the Healing Trust chair healing method in a professional manner

Personal and spiritual development assignments

+ 10 hours of supervised healing sessions


Please note that the prices are in GBP pounds so as to be in line with The Healing Trust which is a United Kingdom based charity. 

The teaching fee is £100 per training day payable in tranches over the 2 years.

A deposit of 100€ is required to confirm your place on each part. With the balance becoming due 14 days prior to the course date.

Breakdown of teaching costs

Part One  =  £200 – training over 2  days – minimum of 12 hours

Part Two = £200 – training over 2 days – minimum of 12 hours

Extra costs

Student notes:

Paper version £30 per part + postage and packing

Digital version £22.50 per part

Digital Course certificate £7.50 per part

Supervised healing practice – contribution of £10 per hour


Student membership of The Healing Trust – £33 for the first year

All prices correct for 14/06/2023. Prices subject to change.

Included for Parts 1 and 2:

  •  A minimum of 12 hours of in person teaching per part
  • Light refreshments (water, tisanes and tea)

Not included:

  • Student membership of the Healing Trust
  • Cost of transport
  • Lunch
  • Student notes
  • Attendance certificates
  • Student insurance (should be covered on your household insurance policy)

Possible additional costs:

  • Workshops that you choose to attend outside of the Parts 1-2 training modules.

Maximum group size for all classes is 8 people

Minimum group size for all classes is 3 people