The Healing Trust

 Foundation Healing Energy Course –

with Personal & Spiritual Development

Professional Healer – Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4


Professional Healer – Parts 3 and 4
You’ll need to have completed Parts 1 and 2 in order to be able to attend Parts 3 and 4.
These final 2 parts of the training will cover topics not yet mentioned and go into more depth with the chakras, all with the aim in preparing you for what you may come across whilst working with the general public.
As you might expect there’ll be more supervised healing practice and more assignments to log.  These will help you to hone your healing abilities and to enhance your personal and spiritual development.
You may find some of the modules challenge your way of thinking, then again they may deepen your knowledge.
As part of your assignments, you will be asked to research a given subject and then give a short, 5 minute presentation of your findings to the group.

Course topics

Anatomy & physiology

Stress Management

The Creative Mind

Imagery in Healing

The Healer’s Role in the Universal scheme

Childhood Influences

Attunement with Words


Couch Healing

Learning outcomes

Basic knowledge of how major organs & systems of the body function

Recognising the causes & symptoms of stress

Learn stress release techniques

Understanding the effects of the creative mind on the body

Write a guided meditation

Recognise how childhood influences affect personal development

Identify the challenges of forgiveness

Practise couch healing technique

Personal and spiritual development assignments – 30 hours

Supervised healing sessions – 25 hours


Course topics

Listening Skills

Healing into Death and Dying

The Higher Self

Karma and Reincarnation

Sound and Vibration

Colour Awareness

Holistic Health

Learning outcome

Importance of basic listening skills

Recognising the energetic significance of the dying process

Awareness of evidence for reincarnation

Concept of karma

Understanding the effects of sound and vibration in Healing

The significance of colour and its therapeutic use

Personal and spiritual development assignments – 30 hours

Supervised healing sessions – 10 hours

Panel before becoming a Full Healer member

The training is over a 2 year period.  You’ll be accompanied by your Healing Trust Licensed Tutor throughout your journey.  

The  Healing Trust Foundation Course is made up of:

100 supervised hours:

  • 60 hours minimum of in person teaching – taught in parts  Parts 1 and 2 are each  over 2 days  and Parts 3 and 4 – 3 days each
  • 40 hours observed healing practise

100 unsupervised, logged hours

  • assignments may well include meditation, journaling, self reflection, reading, research for a short presentation, writing a guided meditation along with other personal and spiritual self-development exercises
Having completed all the above,  you’ll then be able to take the final step to becoming a Healer with The Healing Trust by going to Panel.

Please note that the prices are in GBP pounds so as to be in line with The Healing Trust which is a United Kingdom based charity. 

The teaching fee is £100 per training day payable in tranches over the 2 years.

A deposit of 100€ is required to confirm your place on each part. With the balance becoming due 14 days prior to the course date.

Breakdown of teaching costs

Part One  =  £200 – training over 2  days – minimum of 12 hours

Part Two = £200 – training over 2 days – minimum of 12 hours

Part Three =£300 – training over 3 days – minimum of 18 hours

Part Four = £300 – training over 3 days – minimum of 18 hours

Extra costs

Student notes:

Paper version £30 per part + postage and packing

Digital version £22.50 per part

Course certificate £7.50 per part
Supervised Healing practise – £10 per session

Student membership of The Healing Trust – £33 for the first year

All prices correct for 18/06/2023. Prices subject to change.


  • 60 hours minimum of in person teaching
  • Light refreshments (tea, coffee water, tisanes)

Not included:

  • Student membership of the Healing Trust
  • Cost of transport
  • Lunch
  • Student notes
  • Attendance certificates
  • Student insurance

Possible additional costs:

  • Workshops that you choose to attend outside of the Parts 1-4 training modules.


Maximum group size for all classes is 8 people

Minimum group size for all classes is 3 people